2019 Tax Credits Are Available!

Santa Fe Habitat for Humanity has been awarded charitable state tax credits equal to 50% of the value of donations for affordable housing projects approved by the New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority. With New Mexico State Tax Credits, you will receive 50% of your donation back in the form of a tax rebate from the State of New Mexico. This rebate can be used with personal and corporate income taxes, sales tax, gross receipts tax and/or other state tax debt for 2019.

How It Works

Santa Fe Habitat for Humanity requires a minimum donation of $500 or more to be eligible for the 2019 tax credit program. You will receive a tax credit voucher equal to 50% of your total donation(s) for the year. This credit will directly reduce your New Mexico tax debt.  You may also choose to carry over the tax credits for up to 5 years or transfer them (one time only) to someone else.  In addition to the New Mexico tax credits, you may be able to claim a charitable deduction on your federal tax return for the full contribution amount.

The total amount of Affordable Housing Tax Credits for 2019 is limited so it’s best to apply early to process them this tax year. Otherwise, the credits may need to be processed in another year. The credits can carry over for up to 5 years.

Santa Fe Habitat will prepare all the paperwork for your signature and you will receive the necessary documents to submit with your New Mexico State tax return. If you would like to take advantage of the New Mexico State Tax Credits, please call (505) 986 5880 x 105 and ask for Marilyn Perryman, Development Director.